Maximum Respect

Songwriter (Text & Musik): (c) Marina Salamon

Willy the boss, he 's a good guy, who doesn't fear anything.
His wife admires the way he keeps things going.
She looks up to him, right into his bright blue eyes.
Never she has called his conduct in question, no, she never did!

Willy works hard in a company producing fine body-cream.
From early morn' till the eve' he 's the best in his discipline.
But now he sits at a table of the bar,
drinking whiskey on the rocks. He never did before,
no, he never did!

When he was young he offered his strength to the firm,
working all day long for their maximum respect.
He never was laid up at home when he 'd been sick.
But now they don't show their maximum respect
no, they don't show!

What will he tell her at night when she takes him into her arms?
Some things vexatious last months. From now on he shouldn't do no harm.
Will he tell the truth, they 're missing his youth?
He's too young to die but much too old to work.
But he's not too old to understand,
he 's lost their respect, their maximum respect!

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